100+ DIY Projects to Make with Fruit Scraps ~ PDF Ebook DOWNLOAD

An Old Fashioned "Waste Not, Want Not" Recipe and Resource Book which revolves purely around fruit scraps! If you love turning trash into treasure, especially when it involves filling the pantry, broadening the food menu, home decorating, natural cleaning ideas, nourishing bath and body care recipes, home remedies and so forth-- then this book is for you. All the do-it-yourself projects revolve frugally around the foundation of fruit scraps that you would generally throw away! What makes this DIY Ebook a bit different than most is that none of the recipes require the use of expensive essential oils (though they could be added to enhance some of the recipes if you desire). All the products are made from scratch by tapping into the beneficial properties of the powerful fruit peels! As you have always heard (and now know) that there are more vitamins in the peel than the actual fruit, you will be gleaning the gold in these recipes! The other neat part is that all of the shelf-stable projects come with matching labels. This makes it an ideal book for gift giving ideas as well! At least 100 of the recipes are shared with a full color photograph of each product.

Recipes include balms, bath salts, perfume, scrubs, easy to make fancy soaps, facial products, potpourris, room sprays, sachets, muffins, candy, syrups, shrubs, desserts, healthy and delicious beverages, medicinal oil blends, salves, tonics, digestive aids, health supplements, snacks, seasoning and spice mixes, tea blends, homemade vinegars, recipes for canning syrups and jelly, herbal honey, and much more!

264 pages total.

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